How Does Kobe Bryant Drive Into The Sunset?

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After 20 years in the league, Kobe Bryant has owned a variety of cars

Kobe Bryant had the most magical night of his basketball life.  It could not have been scripted better.  After twenty years in the league, battling multiple injuries late in his career, he had a game for the ages.  It wasn’t that he scored 60 points.  He came out with energy and passion for the game.  The Lakers were down as much as 15 points.  Even at the end of the game, gasping for air, Kobe plugged into the Matrix, realized that wasn’t air he was breathing, and had just enough energy and lift to hit the go-ahead jumpshot for the lead, and eventually take home a win.  They needed him to carry the team into victory.

Kobe Bryant is simply marvelous.  I still can’t believe he spurred on a 17-2 run late in the game, and finished 5 of 5 from the field in the last 3:15.  It really doesn’t get more clutch than that.

So how does this relate to cars?  It’s simply really.  While some people just want reliable transportation to get to their next destination, others have acquired more specific tastes. Sometimes, the car is a symbol, or a reflection of the driver.  Kobe is known for his athletic, attacking basketball style.  Does that mean his car choices are a reflection of how he plays on the floor?

Sure, basketball is in his DNA, but his roots are still from Italy.  So, what kind of automotive tastes does Kobe Bryant have?

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