How Does Kobe Bryant Drive Into The Sunset?

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It would make sense that the Bryant family has more cars in the garage, but the vehicles listed were specific to Kobe Bryant.  Are you a bit disappointed?  Don’t be.  It owns a couple cars of childhood dreams and unlike most exotic car owners, he actually drives them.

Considering he has a wife and two daughters, it wouldn’t surprise me if his wife owned a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon or a Range Rover.  Those are typical Orange County-type cars anyway.

He is also quite the businessman.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he put his name down for a Ford GT and kept it as an investment.

Now, he’s off to his new adventure as a storyteller, creating Kobe Inc.

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Personally, I think he needs to get into something more sophisticated.  A Bentley or a Rolls Royce seem too luxurious for his tastes.  But, something like a Tesla Model S P90D would seem to suit him quite well, especially when he said during last night’s post game conference that his teammates have to drive down to his house now.

He retired from basketball.  He doesn’t have to be stuck in traffic.  Why not get the quickest Tesla available?