eSports Car of the Week Coming to Art of Gears

2016 Shelby GT350R (Photo YouTube)
2016 Shelby GT350R (Photo YouTube) /

Each week Art of Gears will bring you a different car, a different race, and introduce you to the world that is eSports racing.

Hitting the tires
What car do you want to see us race in? (Photo YouTube) /

We all know that the crew here at Art of Gears is into eSports racing. You probably woudn’t believe me if I told you the amount of “Virtual” track time we spend in late-night racing events for games like Forza Motorsports 6 and Dirt Rally.  Sure, there are plenty of better things we could do with our off time, but have you ever thought to ask why we enjoy online racing games so much? About a month ago, you probably remember the article I wrote on Simulation (SIM) Racing. In the article, I talked about the expenses involved in running your real car at the track every weekend. We came to the conclusion that unless you are a full time sponsored driver or have an unlimited budget, it can really add up.

Wanna race against us at the world famous Nurburgring? Bring it! (Photo YouTube) /

Sim racing gives the average car enthusiast a small taste of what it’s like to drive some of the hottest cars on the planet without actually breaking the bank.  For me, the thrill of racing in online matches against car enthusiasts that are serious about racing hard is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle that shares a lot of the same traits as being a car enthusiast. It’s also a great way for racing fans from around the world to come together and race on different road courses and dirt tracks that they may never have access to in real life.  Last time I checked, a weekend flight from LA to Germany to run the Nurburgring will run you around $1,800 dollars, not to mention the cost of renting a track car, hotel, and the track fees!

Who's faster?
eSports racer Raceboy 77 vs Real Racecar. (Photo YouTube) /

But I think there’s more to it than just that. I am truly interested in the tracks that I race on, the cars that I drive, and spend a lot of time practicing on the track, putting in the work to shave seconds off my lap times and trying to achieve that perfect “Late Apex” approach to the corners. And don’t get me started on the time that is spent fine tuning the cars for each specific event! It got so back that I recently enlisted the help of legendary Forza Motorsport tuner “Raceboy77” to fine tune my cars.  His setups are spot on to the style of racing I am accustomed to and it allows me to focus more of my time on actual racing. So I started thinking, why not share my passion with our readers? And why not share the car selection process with our readers?

Wanna Race?
Forza 6 League Hopper events (Photo YouTube) /

Each week, Art of Gears will pick an event to race in one of the many eSports racing league events. We will pick a different car to race for each event we enter. In addition to providing you the full specs of what we are driving, the cars upgrades, and what league we are racing in, we will also provide you the “real world” pics, specs, and good-to-know info on the particular vehicle we are racing with.

La Ferrari
Wanna learn more about a particular vehicle? We got you covered! (Photo YouTube) /
Pikes Peak
Yes, we will be doing Dirt Rally events as well! (Photo YouTube) /

Got a particular vehicle you want to see us race in? Let us know.  What about a favorite league or game you want us to compete in? Let us know. Want to know more about what kind of setup we are running? That’s what we are here for.

Art of Gears will also be hosting a monthly live event (Date/Times to be announced) on our website via the Twitch App. (Be sure to look for the lobby name #ArtofGears) Got a particular vehicle you want to race against us? Bring it. The only thing we ask is that you share your racing setup with us and the readers so we can learn from your build.

Do you think you have what it takes to race against Art of Gears? Stay tuned for details for our first eSports car of the week event taking place next month.