eSports Car of the Week Ford Fiesta RS Rally

Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Photo Getty Images)
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Photo Getty Images) /

Art of Gears brings you a different car, a different race, and introduces you to the world that is eSports racing. This week, we’ll take a look at the Ford Fiesta RS Rally.

Fiesta RS
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Photo Getty Images) /

Ok eSports racing fans, get ready to switch it up a bit this week. You see, choosing a Car of the Week is no easy task. Each week, I really have no idea what car I want to pick. I don’t pick my cars in advance, and I don’t have a pre-selected list already written up that I can draw from either. The car I choose is based on what I “feel” like driving each week. That and your feedback. Sometimes, I drive the same car for multiple weeks, but it’s only if the event I am racing in lasts longer than a week, or I really like the car. I think this is the only way to keep the car list fresh and exciting.

So this week, while I was searching through the many eSports Summer ’16 racing events going on, I saw the tweet from @dirtgame saying there was a special racing event taking place in Finland. This special rally event, is a 6-stage rally through the dirt roads of Jamsa, Finland. eSports Racers are able to choose between 4 different rally vehicles. Sounds like fun, right? The vehicles include:

-Mini Countryman Rally Edition

-Ford Fiesta RS Rally

-Volkswagen Polo Rally

-Hyundai Rally

After checking out all the vehicles for this week’s event, our eSports Car of the Week is the Ford Fiesta RS Rally!

eSports Event Details

Date: Sunday, July 31th – Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Time: Various (times to be announced on Twitter @ArtofGears)

Game: DiRT Rally

Console: Xbox One

The Car? Ford Fiesta RS Rally

The Track? 6-Stage Rally in Jamsa, Finland

The Race? DiRT Rally Special Event – “The 2010’s”

eSports Ford Fiesta RS Rally – A Closer Look

Fiesta RS
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Photo Getty Images) /

On Sale: N/A

Base Price: N/A

Engine: 1.6 liter In-Line 4-cylinder Turbocharged Engine

Drivetrain: Four-wheel drive, Sequential shift, six forward gears and one reverse

Output: 315 hp, 425 lb-ft Torque

0-60 time: 1.9 seconds! (Depending on Gearing)

Curb Weight: 2,646 lbs

Fuel Economy: N/A

AOG Positives: Four-wheel drive rally car

AOG Negatives: Because it’s four-wheel drive, it’s a little heavy

Here is a video of the Neste Rally WRC Championship that went down last month in Finland. The video shows just how tough this course can be and after you get past the initial intro music, it provides some pretty wild rally action:

eSports – The Ford Fiesta RS Rally Setup

Fiesta RS
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Photo YouTube) /

Car: Ford Fiesta RS Rally

Car Sponsorship Paint Scheme: Various

Car Sponsorship Color: Various

Tune: Stock Tune Only

Drivetrain: I will be using a combination of the Logitech G920 Full Race Wheel (manual with Paddle Shift for this event) and the Xbox One Elite Controller (Manual Shift)

Car Assists: Traction Control Off

Vehicle Damage: Yes

AOG Positives: Great acceleration speed; easy to control into the jumps

AOG Negatives: Brakes are kind of mushy; can lose it in the turns if you are not careful!

Below is the video of the Hot Lap in the Ford Fiesta RS Rally. Keep in mind, this video is a 3-minute hot lap, 1 take, no restarts to see how the car performs as if you were to jump in and try to race it. This particular video is the 3rd out of 6 stages of the rally, so my Fiesta RS was in need of some repairs and shows you how tough this event is!

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to race against Art of Gears? Come join us in the DiRT Rally Special event this week.