Formula E Drivers Racing in $1 Million eSports Event in Vegas

Formula E heads to Vegas (Photo Getty Images)
Formula E heads to Vegas (Photo Getty Images) /

Formula E will be hosting an eSports event titled “Road to Vegas” in which gamers will have the chance to win the largest prize in eSports racing history.

We can now add Formula E to the growing list of professional race teams that are investing time and money into the popularity of eSports racing. This month Formula E, along with Cloud Sport, announced they will be hosting an eSports competition titled “Road to Vegas”. The new racing event will feature all 20 Formula E drivers as well as 10 of the best virtual racers from around the world battling it out on the track.

The event will take on January 7th at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Formula E will pit 20 FIA Formula E drivers against the top 10 qualifiers from the Road to Vegas Championship.

Racers will be using the Playseat gaming rigs which will run the latest rFactor 2 software. Cloud Sport will also be responsible for regulating the event, ensuring the race will be as realistic as possible.

Road to Vegas Prize Breakdown

Formula E has just released the full breakdown of the prize pot:

1st place: $200,000

2nd place: $100,000

3rd place: $50,000

4th place: $42,500

5th place: $35,000

6th place: $32,500

7th place: $30,000

8th place: $27,500

9th place: $25,000

10th place: $22,500

11-30th place: $20,000 each

Pole: $25,000

Fastest lap: $10,000

These cash prizes are open to not only the Formula E drivers but also the top 10 qualifiers as well. So even if you place 30th in the event, you are guaranteed to drive away with $20,000!

In a statement from Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag,

"“Formula E takes one more giant step in engaging with our fans. Gamers from all over the world will be able to participate in the “Road to Vegas Challenge” and earn themselves the opportunity to race against the Formula E drivers in a unique eRace. All this will take place at CES, the world’s largest technology show, highlighting our commitment to fan engagement through innovation and technology. We believe eSports offers a new level of fan interaction and participation in sport, and we want to be at the forefront of this gaming revolution. Gamers, welcome to Formula E -let’s race!”"

This is the largest cash prize in eSports history and is sure to draw the attention of some of the top SIM racers on the planet. This announcement also comes after the success of the very popular Forza Motorsport Racing Championship that was held last month. Season 1 of the Forza Racing Championship was sponsored by Ford Performance and the top racer walked away with a 2017 Ford Focus RS!

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The announcement of this racing event is just another example of the growing popularity of eSports racing. I also like the fact that Formula E is now getting involved. I expect some big name virtual race teams like Darren Cox’s eSPORTS +CARS jumping in on this racing action.

For details on how to enter the Road to Vegas Challenge, you can click on the official website here.