Getting Back To Work On Your Project Car

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Drive your car!

Nothing will get you farther from working on your car than have it collecting dust. I know it is sometimes not the order of the best way to finish your car, but get it to drive. Taking a cruise and having people see you baby will get you motivated.

It might just be a trip to the auto parts store or the market but drive your car. If nothing else it will give you new ideas of what needs to be done to it. If you can, take it to a car show and talk to people about it.

Most of the best mods I have done came from others who told me what they did. At car shows, you will be in with others who have been in your shoes. It is a support group like no other. You will find people who have knowledge about your car that you never imagined. Take advantage of it!

There is nothing like driving your baby through town and having people look at you with envy even though you are far from complete on your car. It is a stroke of the ego that everyone neck deep in a car project needs.

When I had my 68 Mustang my wife would laugh at me for driving it with no windows or back seat in it. The reality is, every time I drove it I was good for three weekends of work on the car. I could see myself driving it finished and beautiful.

Well, there you have it. My tips for kickstarting that project taking space in your garage. Remember you are not alone. We are all in this together! These three things will help you get closer to enjoying your ride instead of shaking your head at it.