Watch This Gran Turismo Race Using Remote Control Cars

Gran Turismo Sport RC Race (Photo YouTube)
Gran Turismo Sport RC Race (Photo YouTube) /

Watch as an entire race from the video game Gran Turismo Sport gets re-created using some high-end remote control cars and some very artistic camera work.

Fans of the upcoming racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport were a little disappointed this month when Sony and Polyphony Digital announced that the game that was set to launch in November was going to be delayed untiI sometime in 2017.

The announcement came as quite the surprise to many eSports racing fans as well, especially considering Sony’s release of the PlayStation VR which was confirmed to support the new racing game.

To me, it just made sense that GT Sport and the PlayStation VR system would release around the same time. Well, it looks like the company is still working out some issues with the game, and it has left fans of the series wondering if they should pull their pre-orders until more news is announced from Sony.

Well, fans of the Gran Turismo series are in luck. We might just have a little something for you to pass the time. A new video has surfaced this week, featuring a Gran Turismo race using nothing more than remote control cars, a couple of action figures, and some uniquely artistic camera work.

The recreation even goes as far as displaying in-game menus and some impressive “low-tech” special effects to simulate a crash!

Have a look for yourself:

We also have the behind the scenes footage of the project which shows just how much time and effort went into making the short film.

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The video was uploaded via YouTube by aspiring director Alexandre Synger from France, and if he hasn’t already, I have no doubt this artist will be making a big name for himself very soon. He also has a couple of other cool RC videos including an entertaining Star Wars Pod Racer film that you can watch here.

So what do you think? Is the video enough to keep your hopes alive that Grand Turismo Sport will deliver this same kind of racing action? I really enjoyed the level of detail that went into the making of this film, and I think I will be adding this one to the favorites tab on my computer.