The Grand Tour Streams Today In The USA!!!

Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Amazon Prime Video)
Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Amazon Prime Video) /

In what is somewhat of a surprise, The Grand Tour announced that the show will become available at 00:01gmt everywhere!

The highly anticipated debut of The Grand Tour is actually coming to the USA earlier than the announced premiere date. For the longest time we have been told November 18th, but the actual time was not disclosed until yesterday.

It was assumed that Amazon would stagger the premier as most shows do. It did come as a surprise that the decision was made to give the new show to everyone all at once. The 00:01gmt time translates to 7pm est and 4pm pst here in the USA.

The one thing that the mass release does is hopefully stop spoilers from getting on the internet. Like most who are very excited about the release, I will be watching as soon as it drops. Here in the USA, we were always behind in broadcasts of Top Gear on BBC America. It is exciting knowing we get to see it as it premiers.

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There had also been some controversy over when the rest of the world would get to see The Grand Tour. Amazon Prime announced that it would be available in selected countries. In a tweet Wednesday, the presenters let the rest of the world know when they could begin to stream the show.

It was important to get the rest of the world to be able to see the show. The popularity of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May was driven by the worldwide popularity of Top Gear. It was one of the most syndicated shows worldwide. The international audience is what drove the value of The Grand Tour.

One of the things that have me very intrigued is the order of shows they air. The first episode taped was in South Africa, but the $2.5 million dollar intro was filmed in California. As of the premier, they will have filmed 6 full episodes. Will they use a filming that might be more polished for the debut?

Another tidbit that came out in the last several days is the location of the final episode shooting location. Dubai will be the final stop for the tent in series 1. While the guys were presenting Top Gear they made several memorable trips to the middle east nation. The car culture there is a natural for The Grand Tour.

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The wait is finally almost over. For us here in the USA, maybe we can come together after the bitter election around common good. Three British guys going on about cars and life is just the distraction we need.