The List Of Our Favorite Cars Of 2016

Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears
Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears /
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There are lots of lists about best new cars of the year. This is a list of cars of 2016 that caught our eye at shows or on the road new or old.

In 2016 we have seen the explosion of ultra high-end supercars and luxury sedans. It would be too easy to put up a list of the best new cars. Everyone does that and it is all the same cars. We head out to car shows and drive the roads just like you. So we put together a group of cars that made us stop and ask questions.

We were not going to limit it to street cars either. We opened it up to everything we saw in 2016. When you look at some of the track day offerings that have come out recently, it would be a crime not to include them.

There is one thing that the cars of 2016 has proven to us for sure, power and performance have risen to another level. Not just in sports cars either. Trucks, SUV’s, sedans, electrics, every car it seemed got more under the hood in 2016. Aftermarket parts makers allowed us with older cars to beef up our cars too. What a year.

Enough chit chat, lets get to it…….