The List Of Our Favorite Cars Of 2016

Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears
Photo: Martin Feigen Art of Gears /
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Ford Raptor
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2017 Twin Turbo Raptor

This was a tough decision, but the new Raptor has totally captured my imagination. Dropping the 6.2L V8 for the performance based twin turbo V6 from the EcoBoost family very well could be a game changer. With the new aluminum body finally being offered and the lighter V6, the potential for the Raptor is off the charts.

We all know that most of the Ford Raptors sold never see a trail, but the ones that do are now going to be even more ferocious. I love the fact that it appears that Ram is going to build a Hemi Hellcat based Rebel truck to compete in this market. It is going to drive the car makers to continue to improve in this fun class of truck.

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What Ford has done with the Raptor is dominate the factory off-road market. They could have sat back and continued to sell the popular truck as-is. What they have done is show us that they are going to continue to make the Raptor one of the most fun trucks to drive right off the lot.