What Was Top Gear Thinking With The New Teaser

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Top Gear finally gave us a glimpse of the venerable show sans Chris Evans. If that is the best they have, please just give up now.

I think I am one of the last holdouts rooting for Top Gear to succeed. The BBC has given us our first look at the upcoming series. I was stunned at how little there really was. I mean come on, The Grand Tour is kicking your backside and that is all you got?

The opening of The Grand Tour premier cost a reported $2.5 million dollars and was used to promote the series at every turn. Now that the show is ongoing, they are constantly teasing with action packed, funny bits to keep you on the edge of your seat until the next episode drops.

It is shocking they are using a clip of a challenge that they used on the American version of Top Gear in 2015! I was hoping for something new, the presenters interacting and being funny. We got nothing at all. It is as disappointing as I could have ever imagined. They should have just put up a graphic that said “Top Gear, The Ginger Is Gone!” and that would have been better.

If there was a tremendous amount of buzz leading up to the new season of Top Gear, I could understand the limited teasers. That is not the case, Top Gear needs all the build up it can get. I am at a point that I just do not understand what they are thinking about at the BBC. Top Gear is still a valuable property and deserves so much better.

With the announcement that Chris Evans was leaving the show, there was a glimmer of hope that we could enjoy Top Gear again. For many that gave up on the show, they need to see a reason to give it another shot. Where is the evidence that the presenters on the show are going to get along better? How about just showing we are not going to get screamed at.

What may be the most puzzling is that they are not giving us any clues as to who the celebrity guests are going to be. The BBC seems to have taken the hard line on The Grand Tour regarding celebrity guests. The only reason to do that is if they have something big for Top Gear. Give us something to look forward to!

I am running out of hope for Top Gear. In the last few weeks, we have found out that the Top Gear track is going away and they are wanting more celebrity on the show. On top of that, there is another agonizingly long break between series. Top Gear needs to get on the air and back to its roots. As The Grand Tour continues to convert old Top Gear fans, failing to address what the fans want is going to be the ultimate failing of the show.

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