Art Of Gears Looking For Paid Writers And Contributors

Photo: Chevrolet
Photo: Chevrolet /

Do you enjoy writing about the world of cars and want to get paid for it? We at Art of Gears are looking to expand or staff of talented paid writers.

Do you find yourself talking to your friends about the world of cars? Are you a fan of watching car shows on TV? Art of Gears is looking for you to join our paid writers. A dream come true, get paid to talk about cars to people all over the world.

We are looking for people with all sorts of automotive related interests. It could be off-road trucks, drifting, gaming, we need your help. We love experienced writers, but also value fresh perspective to our content. This is your chance to see if you have what it takes to be an automotive writer covering topics you are interested in.

We are not looking for someone who is going to be on the road hunting down stories. Art of Gears needs people who can give their opinion on all things cars. Do you go to car shows on the weekend? Write about what you saw. Did you see the Powerblock on Spike? Write about what you saw.

There are thousands of us gearheads out here that love to talk about cars. Now is your chance to connect with them and get started on a future in writing. As a part of the FanSided network, there are opportunities to advance and write about other subjects as you grow.

You will not be thrown to the wolves. We will give you some training, and our editing team will help polish your work. The more you write and people read, the more money you can make.

Well here is your chance to step out and try something new and get paid for it. What is the worst that can happen? Someone could say no. Better chance, though, that you will find something that you love and really enjoy.