New Book On Steve McQueen About Le Mans Coming Soon


It seems the farther we get away from the Steve McQueen movie, Le Mans, the more the legend grows. The new book, Steve McQueen: Le Mans In The Rearview Mirror, by Don Nunley and Marshall Terrill sheds new light on the production and the man.

When looking back at some of the biggest car guys in the history of Hollywood, you do not go far before Steve McQueen pops up. Possibly the greatest car chase in cinematic history was from 1968’s Bullitt with McQueen in his Mustang. Anything related to McQueen has seen a resurgence in recent years.

2015 saw the release of the documentary film, Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans. It was a fascinating film about the roller coaster production of the legendary movie. The film had never-before-seen footage and interviews that piqued the interest of many in the 1971 feature film. For so many, they never knew all the backstory and controversy behind the project. It had become a cult favorite for motorheads everywhere.

Steve McQueen
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Publisher Dalton Watson Fine Books is publishing Steve McQueen: Le Mans In The Rearview Mirror which has been penned by authors Don Nunley and Marshall Terrill. The book adds a treasure trove of new photographs and interviews to the mesmerizing story. A box office bomb, the film is now legendary for its cinematography and attention to detail about racing.

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Don Nunley was the property master on the film and has been involved in Hollywood productions for decades. His behind the scenes interactions could provide a great incite into some of the unseen battles between McQueen, the studio, and the directors. We have got an idea of some of the confrontations in the film. The book promises to give more details and perspective.

Marshall Terrill is one of the true experts on the life of Steve McQueen. His 1993 biography, Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel, is widely considered the most complete published histories of the Hollywood legends life. He has three other works on the life of McQueen and brings personal insight into the onset stories.

As a car guy, I soak up just about anything Steve McQueen. It seems that almost everything about his history is madly consumed. Any car or motorcycle with a connection to McQueen has always been valuable, but the values have skyrocketed in recent years. The finding of the second Bullitt Mustang in Mexico has collectors around the world abuzz.

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When I first saw Le Mans it left me shaking my head about what I had just seen. Like many others, I found the story did not meet the quality of the movie. Visually it was like nothing I had ever seen before. As a racing fan, the on track scenes were better than anything I had seen on television. It felt real, not staged. The recent movie explained why the disconnect in the story and the cinema. The new book looks to answer even more of the questions.