2017 Ford GT: 5 Awesome Stuff About It

Courtesy: Ford Media Center
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /
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The first batch of test drive reports have started hitting the web and everyone who has driven the new Ford GT  has nothing but praises for the Le Mans racer-turned-supercar from the Blue Oval.

Are we looking at a serious American contender for the Italian and European supercar brigade to lock horns with? Indeed we are and there are lots of awesome stuff about the new Ford GT which makes it one of the amazing pieces of automotive design and engineering to have come out of America.

From the abundant firepower at its disposal to the intense development process that it went through, the $450,000 Ford GT has a lot of tales and facts to narrate if it ever gets drunk at the local pub.

We have picked the best ones from the many cool things about it.

On a related note, the manufacturer’s initial plan was to make only 500 of these, with 250 units to be made per year. It got 6,500 applications from prospective buyers, which as you can imagine is staggering for a car that costs more than a lot of those exquisitely-crafted Italian supercars.

2017 Ford GT
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /

Given the overwhelming response, Ford decided to extend the production years by two. Which means a total of 1000 Ford GT supercars will be made before the curtain falls. 750 of them have already been sold and Ford will open up the application process again in 2018 for the remaining 250 cars.

With further delay, let’s shift to the “Wow” factors about the 2017 Ford GT.