2017 Ford GT: 5 Awesome Stuff About It

Courtesy: Ford Media Center
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /
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The Aerodynamic Showmanship

2017 Ford GT
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /

The spoiler which rises up with the poise that suits a ballerina isn’t the only one which makes the aerodynamic aspects pop when the Ford GT is put through its paces. By the way, it doubles up as a brake, much like the one on the Bugatti Veyron.

The flying buttresses which at first glance may seem to be a styling gimmick have a serious purpose. It reduces drag, adds to the downforce and contributes to the structural integrity. All of that while making the car look achingly beautiful.

There is one more aerodynamics-aiding trick up the Ford GT’s sleeve. Its active suspension can drop the ride height by 50mm so that it turns to a tarmac-hugging missile when the pedal meets the floor. And it has a button to raise the car up so that speed humps don’t mess with your prized possession’s expensive bodywork.