Justice League Batmobile Unveiled At San Diego Comic-Con 2017

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 saw the first public appearance of the heavily-upgraded Batmobile from the upcoming Justice League movie. Jaws lost!

Superman and Batman exchanged punches and hugged thereafter in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Batmobile didn’t make it out in good shape after those two fought. Supes ripped open the canopy and did some serious damage to the Caped Crusader’s car before they moved on to the big fight.

Anyway, looks like Batsy and Alfred have worked on the badass machine to make it more potent. Because the upgraded Batmobile from was presented to the crowds at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and it certainly looks ready to take on the invading army of parademons in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Though Snyder had shared pictures of the revised Justice League Batmobile before through his Twitter account, this is the first time that it’s being displayed to the public. SDCC after all, is where comic book movie lovers land to devour all things related to big summer tentpoles and superhero movies.

Director Zack Snyder is no longer a part of the project and Joss Whedon has taken over the post production work as well as the reshoots. But since most of the major set pieces were filmed already, the Batmobile isn’t going to change. The new version that Snyder came up with has more weaponry on board. Those front-mounted rocket launchers with guns on both sides of the windscreen and another one on the roof, will be more than a handful for the parademon army which will invade Earth.

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The heavy weaponization of the Batmobile and the manner in which Batman was disposing off criminals in a hail of machine gun fire during one of the chase sequences in Batman V Superman had received a lot of criticism. While many expected Batman to strictly follow the rule of not killing anyone, the Ben Affleck version being a grumpy and battle-worn adaptation chose to be quite violent than the Nolan Batsy.

The new Justice League Batmobile has been parked inside the Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel pavilion at SDCC 2017.

But the criticism didn’t affect Zack Snyder’s decision to have more weapons added to the Batmobile’s arsenal. In fact, this time there are two valid reasons for the heavy weapons on board. One, they are not meant for humans. Two, you’ll need a lot more of guns and armor to deal with a supremely-powerful alien army. Plus, there’s the super-villain Steppenwolf to tackle.

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Justice League which stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Cyborg and The Flash respectively will arrive in theaters worldwide in November 2017. A new trailer is expected to make its debut at the event and we are keeping our eyes and ears open for that as it will have more footage of the Batmobile and the other two Batman vehicles in action.