New Lotus Driving Academy Opens In The United Kingdom

Lotus Cars makes some of the best handling machines on the planet. But if you wish to get the most out of those cars the Lotus Driving Academy is the best place to sign up at.

Lotus Cars has been in the news a lot in the past few weeks. They’ve been taken over by Chinese automotive giant Geely and there were even rumors of the new parent having plans to build the cars in China. While that is open to discussion, British has gone ahead and opened up a new branch of its acclaimed Lotus Driving Academy.

The carmaker has been running driving schools in the US, Malaysia and France. But the new one is set up right where Lotus is headquartered at in the United Kingdom – Hethel. It comes across as a genuine surprise as to why it took them so long to commence a Lotus Driving Academy at this location. Lotus has a facility and a famous test track at Hethel and it’s kind of intriguing to realize that they went ahead with locations outside the UK first and came home after such a long time.

Coming to the courses and fees on offer, you can start with an entry-level experience for £119 and go all the way to the intensive Gold course priced at £899. There are Bronze and Silver courses as well in between. Everything that’ll lead aspiring track day drivers and enthusiast to the coveted Lotus License.

Students (read “drivers”) will get to pilot the latest Exige Sport 350 and Elise Sport 220 sports cars as part of their programs. The academy has got a fleet of left-hand-drive cars as well to cater to students who are not from the UK. All lessons will be taught by experience instructors at the academy.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus plc, had this to say about the new Lotus Driving Academy.

Lotus Driving Academies around the world are hugely popular, giving hundreds of people the opportunity to enjoy the pure driving experience of a Lotus sports car in a high-octane environment. This popularity has meant that we already have official Lotus Driving Academies in Malaysia, the USA and France and now a new one at Hethel, the home of Lotus. Only with the Lotus Driving Academy will you get an unbeatable experience on a challenging track in some of the best giant slaying sports cars you can drive.

Lotus Driving Academy will also offer the option of onboard footage and exclusive merchandise to the students. Also bundled together with the packages are a behind-the-scenes look of the Lotus facitory, a tour of the Classic Team Lotus facility and a chance to drive shotgun with a Lotus instructor. Your “plus one” can also join the tour and demo lap experience if you are willing to shell out some additional cash.

Classes will commence from 12 August 2017.

Source: Lotus Media Centre