McLaren F1 Sold For Record Sum Of $15.62 Million At Bonhams Auction

Courtesy: McLaren Media
Courtesy: McLaren Media /

The first US street-legal McLaren F1 which we were raving about non-stop, has sold for an astronomical sum of $15.62 million at the Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction.

A few weeks ago, we had put up a post on the first US street-legal McLaren F1 being readied for the Bonhams Auction scheduled to take place at the Quail Lodge on August 18. The hypercar specimen was in the news for being an exquisite example which had the credentials to fetch a huge final bid north of $10 million. And that’s exactly what happened.

The auction has concluded and this special unit of the quintessential hypercar has raked in a massive, record-breaking sum of $15.62 million. Breaking it down further, that’ll be $14.2 million as the final bid with a 10 percent buyer’s fee.

The 37th McLaren F1 to roll off the assembly line, this 1995 model comes finished in the original Base Silver paint on the body along with black/gray Connolly leather on the inside. It has a chassis number of 044 and as its historical significance goes, was the first US street-legal version of the iconic hypercar. Ameritech had taken care of the transformation job when it made its way to US shores. This is among the seven cars which were federalized for the US market.

This is most amount of money anyone has ever paid for a McLaren F1. The previous record was $13.75 million for an F1 LM-spec and that too was auctioned off at the same venue in 2015.

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Being immaculately well-maintained in its original condition, without even a drop of modification, this piece has also got a comprehensive record of all the services, part replacements, repairs and maintenance checks carried out during the entire period of ownership. All the major components which were replaced are also available for the new owner to take over.

The original owner had bought it brand-new from the McLaren facility at Woking, England in 1996 and went on to clock 9,600 miles before deciding to put it up for auction. Half of those miles were added to the odometer when he took the F1 out for a European road trip after the purchase.

Only 64 McLaren F1 hypercars were ever converted for road-use and being the first one to be made road-legal for the US market, this car definitely has a tremendous amount of historical significance. Add its pure and pristine condition, and one can see why the $15.62 million that the new buyer has shelled out is money well spent.

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The Bonhams’ twentieth Quail Lodge Auction is part of the many events that form the Monterey Car Week. All of these will eventually lead up to the eye-popping spectacle of the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Source: Bonhams