Lamborghini Alpha-One Android Smartphone Costs $2,450

(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images) /

On second thought, that’s the cheapest Lamborghini you can own, if you ignore the licensed scale models and the fact that you are buying an Android smartphone.

Buying a Lambo is not meant for everyone. You’ve to be filthy rich and yes, you should be prepared to deal with flames as the “burning Gallardo” phenomenon is still around. Or you can choose to buy the Lamborghini Alpha-One smartphone and still have all the rights to brag about owning a Lambo. “Hey, don’t judge me. You didn’t ask how fast it goes!”

Like most supercar manufacturers out there, fighting for their piece of the brand-awareness pie, Lamborghini has a division which is into putting Lambo badges on stuff which slightly-insane (or rich, or both) people can buy at ridiculously-high prices.

You know the whole drill. The keychains, bags, belts, shirts, eyewear, shoes, watches, gadgets and the works. The department which takes care of that job at Lamborghini is called Tonino Lamborghini, named after the son of the company’s founder.

Back to the phone. Is the Lamborghini Alpha-One worth the two and half thousand-dollar price tag? That’s a lot of money for a smartphone when you can get better ones at cheaper prices.

We headed over to the Lamborghini Mobile site to check out the smartphone in detail and the features don’t justify the price at all. In fact, the promotional content was raving more about the Italian leather used to wrap up the device and also to make the phone case, than about the technical details of the Android gadget.

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If you are still interested in getting one, the device is available at select outlets in the UK and the UAE. You can also order one online from the dedicated site. Oh, and the $2,450 price doesn’t include VAT. Be prepared for that additional sum as well.

Source: Lamborghini Mobile