Lamborghini Huracan Safari And 1,000 Hp Aventador Successor Inbound

(Photo by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images for Automobili Lamborghini)
(Photo by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images for Automobili Lamborghini) /

You are going to be bombarded with lots of Lamborghini models in the coming years, including the 1,000 hp Aventador successor and the Huracan Safari.

Lamborghini is doing extremely well these days, regardless of all the bad times that its parent company – Volkswagen – is going through. Both the Aventador and the Huracan are bringing in strong numbers to the books. And to make things better, green lighting the Urus SUV for production will increase the revenue by multiple times, as the Middle East will lap that model up in no time.

But Lambo will continue to focus on its range of supercars and sports cars and there are reports of the carmaker planning a handful of variants for the existing lineup, a 1,000 hp successor to the Aventador and a Huracan Safari model.

As reported by Automobile, the Huracan range will get additions like the Speedster, Barchetta, SV, GT3 Stradale, Targa and a lightweight Superleggera. In addition to these models, which are essentially Huracans following the familiar Lambo sports car formula, the firm is also considering the path-breaking Huracan Safari. An all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, off-road sports car which has height-adjustable suspension and all-terrain body protection panels – the Huracan Safari will be offered in coupe and roadster body styles.

Lamborghini Centenario
(Photo by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images for Automobili Lamborghini) /

The Huracan Safari will be the car to watch out for in the plans that Lamborghini has drawn up for the future. We want to see that one more than the Aventador replacement.

Then there is the Aventador replacement scheduled for a 2020 launch. With the code name of LB634/635 (coupe/roadster), the successor will be a major revamp on the current model with schemes in place to power it with a naturally aspirated 800 hp, 7.0-liter V12 powerplant and a couple of 160 hp electric motors driving the front wheels.

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We are talking about a 1,000 hp supercar now. Throw in active aerodynamics, better brakes, fancier space-age materials in its construction, mechanical/technological updates and the new-gen flagship can be the next poster car for the brand. A less-expensive, less-powerful, plug-in hybrid is a possibility too.

The new-gen Huracan is also in the mix, with engines to be borrowed from Porsche. A 4.0-liter V8 with 650 hp on tap in standard models and a bunch of more powerful versions with the aid of electric motors will populate the range once that happens.

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While it would have been interesting to see the Estoque sedan and the Miura revival making it to production, it’s still great to hear that Lambo is going out of its comfort zone with the Urus SUV and niche machines like the Huracan Safari.

Source: Automobile