SpaceX Spacesuit Revealed By Elon Musk On Instagram

(Photo by Tim Peake / ESA/NASA via Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Peake / ESA/NASA via Getty Images) /

Elon Musk has put up an image of the actual SpaceX spacesuit that passengers will be wearing for his ambitious space flight programme.

It looks too clean and too good to be the real deal. But Tesla founder and the key player in the SpaceX programme – Elon Musk – says that the spacesuit that’s in the image below is fully-functional one. With its design and appearance that reminds you of the spacesuits from a futuristic science-fiction movie, the SpaceX spacesuit which has been revealed on Instagram by Musk, follows the same design language of the Dragon spacecraft that’ll transport passengers to space.

The minimalist design is a welcome change from the bulky astronaut suits that are currently being used by government space agencies which have achieved manned space flights. Elon Musk adds in his updates on Instagram and Twitter that the space suit has also been through Double Vacuum Pressure testing and that it’s not easy at all to make sure that the gear looks the part and is capable of serving the role that it is meant to in the first place.

The spacesuit one of the many things to be ticked on the checklist ahead of SpaceX’s plan to send two passengers in a Dragon spacecraft on a free return trajectory around the Moon. Regarded as the very first example of lunar tourism, the event is scheduled to take place in 2018 and all efforts at SpaceX are directed towards that mission at the moment.

SpaceX has the ultimate goal of creating human settlements on other planets and to see a privately-owned space agency on that mission is satisfying in itself.

NASA’s able assistance, a sizable deposit from the two passengers who have signed on for the programme, SpaceX’s internal funding and more than 4,000 employees working on the project, the 2018 target can actually be met, if everything goes according to plan.

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SpaceX, which stands for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Hawthorne, California was founded by Elon Musk with the ambitious goals to advance space technology and to facilitate cost-effective interplanetary travel. Having developed the Falcon series of launch vehicles and the Dragon series of spacecraft, SpaceX is pretty serious about their plans which may seem far-fetched and overambitious to many.

However, as Elon Musk has a proven record for transforming dreams to reality, it’s tough dismiss off his idea to expand and popularize the space flight domain. The establishment has witnessed phenomenal success so far with a range of accomplishments in space travel and technology, along with recognition from NASA.

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The endgame is to have human settlements on other planets, starting with Mars and most of the research by SpaceX on interplanetary space flight revolve around that ultimate goal.

Source: Instagram, SpaceX