Video: This Nissan GT-R Crash Compilation Isn’t For The Fainthearted

Courtesy: Nissan Online Newsroom
Courtesy: Nissan Online Newsroom /

Hardcore fans of the Nissan GT-R “Godzilla” are advised not to watch this crash compilation. As for Ford Mustang fans, have fun chuckling.

You must’ve seen all those crash compilations and EPIC FAIL videos featuring Ford Mustangs crashing into everything in their path. If you thought that pony car owners are the ones who don’t know how to put their machines on a leash, here is something which proves otherwise. Take a look at the Nissan GT-R crash and fail compilation video (uploaded by The Car Channel) below. The Godzilla isn’t feeling lucky these days as the video covers pretty much all kinds of accidents involving the Japanese monster on wheels.

The twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 may be too much to control for some drivers as many of the clips in the compilation show that the drivers were pushing the car without any respect for its capabilities, dynamics and power. A clear lack of care and attention is evident as most drivers are too busy to show off in front of bystanders and fellow road users, instead of understanding the road, the car on the environment.

With 565 hp of power and 467 lb-ft of torque at your disposal and the iconic Godzilla name tag to flaunt, it isn’t an eye-opener at all to see that some owners may have been carried away by the machine’s appeal. But driving right into oncoming traffic and attacking corners without the driving skills to back up the attitude are only going to invite trouble. Along with expensive repair costs and hospital bills, the insurance claims for a handful of these crashes must have been massive headaches for those involved.

2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO
Courtesy: Nissan Online Newsroom /

Somewhere, Ford Mustang fans are holding a private screening of his Nissan GT-R crash compilation on giant screen!

While some of the accidents in this video aren’t necessarily due to the Nissan GT-R driver’s faults, the rest are. We do actually feel sorry for the Godzilla driver who crashed into another car, only because a white Ferrari 458 Italia driver made a reckless lane change at high-speeds. And by the looks of it, the Italian supercar drove off without even pulling over.

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Among all the crashes, the one which really made an impact must be the wreck shown in the first clip. That must’ve hurt the car and its driver real bad.

Source: YouTube (The Car Channel)