Vin Diesel Says His Famous Fast And Furious Line In New Dodge Promo

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

That famous line from the original Fast and Furious is now part of the new Dodge commercial. And how would it be complete without Vin Diesel uttering it again?

The Fast and the Furious franchise and Dodge have always had a close connection. Even before the series started being overrun by Chargers and Challengers – starting with Fast Five – Dodge was there as the 1970 Charger R/T driven by Dominic Torettoc (Vin Diesel). Dodge saw the product placement opportunity and grabbed it. That’s how we got an avalanche of tie-in promotional campaigns like “Muscle Haven” which by the way was a decent example of interlacing movie scenes with new promo footage.

Dodge didn’t stop there. Dominic Toretto’s popularity as an iconic “car guy” movie character and of course, Vin Diesel’s love for Dodges off-screen made him the right choice for the carmaker to sign on for the “Brotherhood of Muscle” campaign. Driven by a series of commercials – Rally Cry, Shepherds and Monsters – to capitalize on the Dominic Toretto-Fast and Furious connection, the campaign met with considerable success upon launch.

For the latest commercial Dodge has pulled no punches. They have gone ahead and made Vin Diesel utter that famous line which Dominic Toretto delivered in all its “mumble-growl” awesomeness to a stunned Brian O’Conner after he beats the latter in the first race of the first movie.

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The script for the ad seems to be self-aware as it kicks off with Vin Diesel saying that he has said the line before and that he’ll say it again, before going on with the business of delivering the “winning is winning” dialogue.

"It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning."

Once again, Dodge brings in their entire crew of performance cars to the party. Okay, the Durango may have missed the invite. Starring the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in the lead role, amidst the Chargers and Challengers which populate the frames in various guises and colors, “Winning’s Winning” will turn out to be be another popular campaign for brand.

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So what’s next series going to be about, Dodge? Is it about living your life a quarter mile at a time?

Source: Dodge YouTube Channel