Lewis Hamilton Laps The Sepang Race Track In A Mercedes-AMG GT S

(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images) /

The Sepang race track is on its way out of the F1 calendar and Lewis Hamilton just lapped it in a Mercedes-AMG GT S road car with a nervous passenger in the seat next to him.

You’ve seen those videos with drivers drifting cars and terrifying insanely-hot ladies who happen to be in the passenger seats? While we won’t be going into the details of the “sneak-peeks” and “treats” that one may get while watching those clips, those are fun to watch for sure. Anyway, Lewis Hamilton isn’t intentionally taking that approach here as he pilots a Mercedes-AMG GT S road car around the Sepang race track, with a pretty lady riding shotgun.

The Malaysian Grand Prix is going to make an exit from the Formula 1 calendar and 2017 will be the last time that the Sepang track will witness F1 cars duking it out for championship points.

While there is a good chance of everyone watching the video to be distracted by the odd camera angle (whoever placed the cam at that spot deserves a medal), the three-time world champion takes some time off the drifting schedule to speak about how he’ll miss racing on this track. And he injects fun into the video by putting the rear-wheel drive, tail-happy Mercedes-AMG GT S on a workout regime of shedding and shredding rubber.

Lewis Hamilton
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images) /

Lewis Hamilton certainly knows how to have a great time on and off his business of racing F1 cars.

The passenger is obviously in a zone of her own where nervousness and excitement are struggling to find which one of those too states of mind is needed at the moment. She somehow manages to ask some questions to which Lewis replies with a big grin on his face.

By the time Hamilton concludes the run, the passenger is visibly shaken. But Lewis wasn’t done for the day yet, as the “Sunday Drive” must end with the customary donuts laid down on the Sepang asphalt.

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This must be one of the unintentionally hilarious drifting video with a female passenger in it. While I’m not at liberty to say why, you can always read the comments for the YouTube video to figure that part out.

Source: Youtube (Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport)