Tesla Model 3: First Used Car Shows Up On Craigslist At $150,000

Courtesy: Tesla
Courtesy: Tesla /

This is the first Tesla Model 3 to hit the second-hand car market and with a price tag of $150,000, it isn’t exactly the kind of budget electric car purchase that you were looking for.

Getting a Tesla Model 3 isn’t a walk in the park these days. The company is struggling to churn out the cars to match the pace demanded by the number of reservations – all 400,000 of those. The waiting period is so long that you can buy another car, clock some decent miles, sell it and then hopefully, Tesla might have delivered your Model 3 to the showroom. If you aren’t patient enough to wait for a year or more for that to happen, you can turn to the first Tesla Model 3 to enter the used car market.

The ad which surfaced on Craigslist has been removed now. But before it was taken off by the seller, Electrek managed to take a look at the posting and the supporting text. This is how it read.

"First ever Tesla Model 3 for sale. Car is lightly used with just over 2,000 miles. This is a unique opportunity to own one of the most anticipated cars ever. Skip the line of over 400,000 people and buy the car of the future now! Car is fully loaded with the 310 Mile Long Range Battery, Panoramic Glass Roof, Premium Interior, Sound System and Aero Wheels. Car has been great for the past 2,000 miles and a unique circumstance is forcing me to part with the car. Fit and finish are excellent for an early production model. This car meets all of the hype and I plan on owning another in the future."

Tesla Model 3
Courtesy: Tesla /

Now, we kind of have a feeling that the “unique circumstance” mentioned above can be a case of “making hay while the sun shines”. The starting price of a Tesla Model 3 is $35,000 and even if you keep ticking the boxes to add the additional features mentioned above, the cost is not going to be anywhere near the asking price mentioned in the Craigslist posting.

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The Electrek report sets the featured car’s cost at $56,000, after taking into consideration the options list. They have also confirmed that the seller is a Tesla employee who happens to be among the first batch of people to receive the Model 3. Delivery of customer cars outside the circle of Tesla employees and insiders is expected to start later this month and we seriously doubt if anyone will be keen to pay $150,000 for this particular used example.

Source: Electrek