All-New Season of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws Is Here

Courtesy of Discovery Channel
Courtesy of Discovery Channel /

The wait it over. Discovery Channel’s hit-series Street Outlaws will be returning tomorrow night for an all-new season with a two-hour premiere.

Street Outlaws is the hit docs-reality series on the Discovery Channel that explores the world of underground street racing. Get ready and buckle your seatbelt. The 12th season will premiere tomorrow night and feature 32 of America’s fastest street racers as they come together for a Cash Days race.

One racer will walk away with the title and a whopping $50,000 prize. Included in this race are the 405’s list racers, Texas racers like Birdman, and Kye Kelley and Scott Taylor from NOLA. These top speed demons will gather in Oklahoma City for the biggest street race of the year, also known as Cash Days.

Although last season ended in some confusion and conflict, the 405 works together to update the rules for what has become the most controversial street race in the nation. This includes changing up what is known as “The List” to leave every man for himself to battle it out for new spots. By starting fresh, this gives those that were at the bottom the opportunity to bypass others to reach the top of the list.

The 405’s all here and ready for another race night! (Courtesy of Discovery Channel)
The 405’s all here and ready for another race night! (Courtesy of Discovery Channel) /

According to Discovery Channels press release,

"“Under the 405’s updated rules, racers can rely only on themselves and their rides to win the most competitive races of their lives. The contest for 405’s finest is fierce and fast, and only few will make it to the top – if they’re lucky enough to make “The List” at all.”"

Oklahoma City has some of the most skilled underground racers in the United States, and now the racing scene is even bigger and badder than it ever was before.

Despite the disarray of the 405’s list from last season, the Oklahoma City guys agreed to put all that aside to concentrate on this huge event. It’s not hard to do so, especially when there is 50 grand on the line, right? The 405 has to really step up their game or they will get left behind in the dust and smoke. It is without a doubt that the OKC Outlaws will work hard to defend their territory and put everything they have on the line for it.

These racers are all pumped and fully prepared to push their car to the ultimate limit to try and win the title and the cash. Let the best one win.

In the premiere, you will see that some of them get a lucky break. In the end, though, the street proves to be unforgiving. Keep your eyes glued, as this season begins with the ultimate race that really pushes the question of whether all the risk will outweigh the reward. Watch tomorrow night to see what happens when these racers end up turning their cars up too might to keep up with the slick street and challenge that is upon them.

Courtesy of Discovery Channel
Courtesy of Discovery Channel /

You can catch the all-new season of Street Outlaws tomorrow, Monday, May 28th at 8pm ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. The series will return with an hour-long episode in its normal time slot at 9pm ET/PT beginning from Monday, June 4th. Don’t miss it! This upcoming season as well as past seasons of Street Outlaws are available to stream on the multiplatform Discovery GO app, which is free with your paid TV subscription.

Courtesy of Discovery Channel
Courtesy of Discovery Channel /

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Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come on the next exciting season of Street Outlaws.

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