Audi Q8 SUV Teaser Shows Aggressive Front End Ahead of June Reveal

Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images /

The Q8 SUV makes a brief appearance in Audi’s mini-series as new sketches of the front end emerge on the Internet shortly before its official unveiling.

The mini-series, or teaser campaign as some like to call it, will end on June 5th when Audi’s Q8 is finally revealed. The German automaker is keen on promoting its new flagship SUV with a slew of teaser images, a five-video series and actual design sketches to boot. These outlines actually come from the team at at Ingolstadt who have come up with the design of the Q8.

With the Q8 and Q8 Sport concepts having been unveiled last year, these sketches actually look quite familiar and prove that the production car won’t stray too far from the show models. The newest design feature is the single-piece grille, which is certainly a new take on things when you consider every other vehicle in Audi’s lineup.

According to MSN, Audi wants to emphasize that “the Q8 represents a new development of the company’s design language, taking inspiration from the legendary Ur-Quattro of the 1980s.”

Audi introduces the full-size SUV Q8 concept car at the North American International Auto Show. (Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Audi introduces the full-size SUV Q8 concept car at the North American International Auto Show. (Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

We have just been given another glimpse at the Q8, which is Audi’s answer to the BMW X6 SAV and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

The third episode of Audi’s campaign is not the best one, but we are glad we got to see the Q8’s face. Quentin hitches a ride with a mysterious female truck driver after being left alone in a desert. The two of them later discover that the truck is transporting the Audi Q8. Predictable? Yes. However, it is still engaging nonetheless. At the end of the episode, we get a very quick look at the aggressive front end and flashy LED headlights.

We can see that Q8’s fascia is dominated by a sharp and larger Audi grille with slender LED headlights and slim door mirrors. It also sacrifices a bit of its practicality for a more stylish roofline. This ultimately means that, unlike the Q7, the Q8 will not offer seating for seven. The cabin, however, should remain just as spacious as the overall body isn’t that much different to that of its Bentley SUV cousin, the Bentayga. While on the topic of Bentley, we also know that the Audi Q8 shares the same platform as the Bentayga, as well as the Lamborghini Urus and Volkswagen Touareg.

CarBuzz reports that,

"“Like the Q7, engine options will likely include a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 252 hp and a more powerful turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 model with 355 hp.Audi is also expected to offer a plug-in hybrid variant with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine, an electric motor and lithium-ion battery producing a combined 438 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.”"

Now that the German brand finally made an appearance in its unique mini-series, maybe we will get to see more of it (or the rest of it) in the final two episodes. Stay tuned! We surely will.

The official reveal of the Audi Q8 is set to take place on June 5, 2018 at the Audi Brand Summit in Shenzhen, China.

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Watch the Episode 3 clip below or skip to 2:43 to see the beastly front end teased right before your very eyes.

In case you missed it, below are the first two episodes of Audi’s Q8 mini-series. Here is Episode 2.

And finally, here is the Episode 1 premiere.

What do you think about the appearance and what you know so far about the upcoming Audi Q8 flagship SUV? Sound off below in the comment section and let your voice be heard.