Toyota Corolla Crashes Into Beautifully Restored 1931 Ford Model A

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A family’s beautiful 1931 Ford Model A took years to fully restore, all of which was lost in a matter of seconds when a careless driver in a Toyota Corolla crashed into it.

[Warning: This images found below may be painful to look at for many car enthusiasts.]

We have all worked on at least one project that we are very proud of, whether it be an academic one or one for pure fun (like a project car). Regardless, we would all be rightfully infuriated if anything happened to it. Unfortunately for William Smith, that became a reality with his restored 1931 Model A – the second car Ford has ever produced. The antique vehicle that he worked so diligently on to bring back to its original glory was completely taken away from him. The memories, however, will remain forever.

How did this tragedy happen?

Well a careless, distracted driver crashed into the Model A on Friday and took away the precious project that Smith worked with his father on for two years. The car had actually been in their family for the last 45 years.

The woman who hit their car was driving a Toyota Corolla that drifted out of its lane and smashed into the rear corner of Smith’s Model A. The impact completely wrecked the vehicle, leaving the car with a bent frame and driveshaft, cracked transmission, split engine block, broken wire wheels and a snapped differential. The crash also threw the hood 10 feet away from the car and left the body extremely damaged.  The car, according to Smith, is totaled.

Today has been one of these worst days of my life, I was crying and shaking when I saw what happened to my car, luckily…

Posted by William Smith on Friday, May 18, 2018

According to The Drive, Smith was absolutely devastated, and rightfully so.

"“I think they call it a panic attack, because I was crying and my hands were shaking uncontrollably,” Smith said."

To add insult to injury, this almost became a hit-and-run. The female offender tried to leave the scene, initially by backing her car up. This failed due to her car being stuck. She then tried to run on foot, but police officers later caught her for questioning.

"“She got back into her car and tried reversing, so I got behind it [to block her], but she wasn’t going to be able to get out anyway because her car was stuck in the spokes of my car’s wheel,” he explained. “So she took off on foot, but the cops caught her about 20 mins later in a [nearby] neighborhood.”"

It was at this point that she confessed she was on the phone when the accident took place. This is not a valid or excusable excuse, but it does make sense and is clear evidence that distracted driving is something that really needs to be taken seriously and avoided, always.

Posted by William Smith on Sunday, April 22, 2018

CarBuzz also reported that, after the incident, Smith learned that the woman only had the bare minimum insurance. She was arrested for distracted driving, the hit-and-run, and for a DUI as well.

"“All Smith can do now is salvage what parts he can and start over. The only bright side, as Smith’s father pointed out, is the opportunity for more father and son time as they attempt to rebuild the car.”"

The 87-year old Ford Model A was a 16th birthday present to Smith’s father in 1973. It was given to William on his 18th birthday.

Not only was this a restoration project car, but one that was basically part of the family for so long that it became a “member.” Smith drove the Model A to both high school and college, later making it his daily driver for work. So many memories must have come out of this car, and that will definitely never fade. We do hope that the pain subsides soon and quickly for Smith and his family.  We know, however, that that is going to be tough and some of the pain will always be there. After all, this isn’t just a car that can be easily replaced as some would say in such a situation. Thankfully, though, Smith is okay and he can be grateful for that.

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Get a closer look at the gorgeous 1930s Ford Model A below. This piece of history undoubtedly is a work of art, but apparently it is also quite difficult (or perhaps just different) to drive.

Have you ever seen a beautiful car that was completely destroyed or totaled? It is especially hard to see when it’s a new or really rare model that was crashed out of pure stupidity. Let us know your story in the comment section below.