Black Bear Destroys Subaru Outback In Canton, Connecticut

Courtesy: Eric Thayer/Getty Images
Courtesy: Eric Thayer/Getty Images /

A male black bear got trapped inside of a woman’s Subaru Outback and the rest is history. Well, the car’s interior is now history to be exact. Bears will be bears, right?

A woman in Canton, Connecticut saw her car lights go off at night and soon realized that there was no burglar to be found. Linda Morad had her phone in her hand and called 911 immediately after hearing the noise. Unbeknownst to her, it was a wild animal and not a criminal.

According to NBC Connecticut, Linda Morad left her car open while housesitting for her friend. She failed to mention whether she left the door open or just left her Subaru unlocked. Either way, the bear apparently climbed in from the driver’s side and got stuck. His reaction was naturally a wild one. He destroyed the interior beyond repair.

"“The door closed behind him, and apparently he was frantic,” she said."

There was a full-size adult black bear wrecking havoc in her Subaru Outback.

Linda could not see who was in her car through the tinted glass. Fortunately, police officers showed up in minutes.

"“And from inside the house, I saw them open the door and let the bear out – a full-sized bear,” Morad said."

The police approached Linda to warn her about the condition of her car, but she was not fully understanding at first. They told her that she was not going to believe what her car looks like at the moment.

Morad nonchalantly told the authorities that she would just clean it tomorrow. Upon seeing the actual damage, however, she was shocked. The dashboard, leather seats, trunk and hatchback were completely torn to shreds.

"“I don’t think this could be cleaned!” Morad later said."

She went on to explain the incident as a “fluke” and like getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery. Linda Morad is currently borrowing a car and waiting on the insurance adjuster. She will definitely be double checking her locked doors the next time around.

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Check out CBS’ news coverage of the interesting incident below.

What would you do if a bear was trapped in your car after destroying it? I guess we would just have to call the authorities. Even so, you can only image the reaction you would have when coming across such a unique sight. Sound off below and let us know if you’ve ever had an encounter with a wild animal and your car.