Tesla Model S in Autopilot Mode Crashed Into Parked Car

Courtesy: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Courtesy: Ethan Miller/Getty Images /

Another one bites the dust. Actually, it was another Tesla Model S that smashed into yet another car. A stationary car at that.

Yesterday at 11:07 in the morning, a Tesla Model S sedan collided with a parked Laguna Beach police car. To add fuel to the fire, the Tesla was allegedly running on Autopilot mode.

Fortunately, there was nobody in the parked police car, and the driver sustained only minor injuries. The car, on the other hand, was not so lucky as the Los Angeles Times explained. The police cruiser (an SUV, even) ended up with its two passenger-side wheels on the sidewalk.

"“Thankfully there was not an officer at the time in the police car,” Laguna Police Sgt. Jim Cota said. “The police car is totaled.”"

If you feel like this type of story sounds familiar, you’re not imagining it. Earlier this month in Utah, there was another Tesla that collided with a fire department truck. According to Cota, there was even a crash involving a Tesla running into a semi-truck around the same area last year.

Tesla’s manual clearly states that,

"“Traffic-Aware Cruise Control cannot detect all objects and may not brake/decelerate for stationary vehicles, especially in situations when you are driving over 50 mph (80 km/h) and a vehicle you are following moves out of your driving path and a stationary vehicle or object is in front of you instead.“Always pay attention to the road ahead and stay prepared to take immediate corrective action. Depending on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to avoid a collision can result in serious injury or death.”"

Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot mode has recently come under scrutiny because of these accidents. The automaker says that the function is not made to actually avoid a collision. Tesla warns drivers not to fully rely on it and pay close attention, at all times, when they are in the vehicle.

As of right now, it is still yet to be confirmed that Autopilot mode was engaged.

In an emailed statement, a Tesla spokesperson defended using Autopilot appropriately.

"“When using Autopilot, drivers are continuously reminded of their responsibility to keep their hands on the wheel and maintain control of the vehicle at all times. T“Tesla has always been clear that Autopilot doesn’t make the car impervious to all accidents, and before a driver can use Autopilot, they must accept a dialogue box which states that ‘Autopilot is designed for use on highways that have a center divider and clear lane markings,’” the statement read.”"

You hear that? Be aware of your surroundings. Technology is great and all, but nothing beats human interaction and interception. Stay safe, everyone.

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Video regarding the Tesla in Autopilot mode that hit a parked California police car. [CNBC]

What are your feelings on all these Tesla crashes that have been on the news lately? What do you think needs to be done about Autopilot to better improve it and to make people more self-aware? Let us know in the comment section below.