McLaren Celebrates Production of 15,000 Cars in 7 Years

Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images /

McLaren has reached the 15,000 milestone after just 7 years of making cars. This comes less than 18 months after the 10,000th car was completed in December 2016.

McLaren Automotive has certainly come a long way in a short time period and it’s worth taking notice of. The British supercar brand has just reached its 15,000th car milestone, a 570S Spider in Curacao Blue. This impressive feat comes just after seven years of being in business. What raises eyebrows even more is the fact that this achievement was reached in less than 18 months since its 10,000th car rolled off the production line in Woking, U.K.

In 2010, McLaren Automotive was founded as an independent company. After 14 months of construction, in 2011, the Foster + Partners-designed McLaren Production Centre opened in Woking. Also, in 2011 the MP4-12C Coupe was born. Two years later in 2013, the McLaren P1 arrived.

2014 saw the birth of the 650S; while the 570S, 540C, 675LT, and P1 GTR saw the light in 2015. The 675LT Spider came about in 2016 when McLaren reached its 10,000 car mark. Last year, the 720S, 570S Spider and McLaren Senna came into the spotlight. Also, record sales were met at 3,340 cars.McLaren isn’t slowing down though with a BP23 coming soon, as well as an all-electric hypercar.

According to CarBuzz, McLaren points out that recent fast production increase was partly due to the launch of a second product shift in 2016. This was necessary in order to meet the rapidly increasing global demand. The additional shift allowed production to double from 10 to 20 cars a day. Also, it is worth noting that around 90 percent of McLaren vehicles are exported to more than 30 different countries.

"Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer for McLaren Automotive said, “Reaching 15,000 cars built is a significant milestone for McLaren Automotive and comes under 18 months after we hit 10,000 vehicles, showing how demand and production have increased .“The Sports Series has been pivotal to driving this growth, with the 570S Spider now the most popular of the range. The fact we are now able to produce 20 cars a day is of course a great testament to the hard work and dedication of every one of our workforce, who should feel justifiably proud and part of this great team effort.“"

Couple of things worth noting on this special occasion.

  1. McLaren has no intention of building as many cars as Ferrari. Why is this important or smart, you may ask? Well, if you want to spend a crazy amount of money on a supercar, you definitely want it to be a rare sight. If you want to have that with a Ferrari, be prepared to dish out around 4 million on the SP38.
  2. There is no McLaren SUV on the market and no word of any either. The British automaker understands that no matter how much power you cram into an SUV, it will never be a sports car. Other brands should take note, as it seems to be getting a little out of hand with these higher brands making higher-up cars.

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Check out the 15,000th car McLaren has produced: a Curacao Blue 570S Spider.

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