Hyundai: Carmaker’s N Division may get it’s own model


Hyundai’s performance division isn’t just for souped-up versions of its standard models. New information about a special N sports car has surfaced.

Albert Biermann, head of Hyundai’s performance car division, helped make BMW what it is today. Now he’s making waves with Hyundai’s N division. He recently told Top Gear that his team is looking at producing its own special N sports car.

"Maybe someday we will have such a car. There is no decision yet, but it could happen."

Biermann also expressed that he has a lot more freedom with Hyundai than he did at BMW, which means if he has any good ideas (as he undoubtedly will) he’ll probably be able to execute on them. Of course, not everything the N division comes up with will happen. That said, it bodes well for the company and any excited enthusiasts.

A Designated Sports Car Could Take Time

Biermann said that he’s just getting started with the N division. He also said Hyundai dealers aren’t quite ready to sell performance cars to their customers. This means that even if the N division had a car ready to go, it would take some time to roll it out and make it a success. Biermann also added the following.

"If we started with a bespoke car in the first place, people would have no idea what to do with such a car."

That means that for the immediate future N division will consist of upgraded models that are already in Hyundai’s lineup. This should yield some seriously cool automobiles. Autoblog noted rumors of Tucson crossover N division version and a possible 247 hp Hyundai Kona.

N Division Already Showed It Can Do Awesome Cars

If those models are anything like the Racing Midship that appeared in 2015, we think enthusiasts are in for a real treat. The Racing Midship was a mid-engine, Veloster-based racer that had a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that made 296 hp.

The car’s mid-engine configuration made it so special. Yep, the turbo mill was positioned right behind the two seats. This made the Veloster everything everyone always wanted it to be. The Racing Midship was actually really cool and fast.

Veloster N
Veloster N /

Other cars under N division’s belt include the i30N and the Veloster N. While these vehicles aren’t revolutionary models, they certainly showcase what the sub-brand is capable of and are likely a hint at what is to come over the next couple of years. Hyundai has also put out several other N division concept cars.

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Biermann has managed to take one of the most boring automakers in the industry and turn them into one of the most interesting. It will be cool to see how N division develops over time.