Car Insurance: The 10 most expensive cars to insure

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Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger /

Number 7: Dodge Challenger

Dodge’s Challenger is a two-door muscle car with a lot of style, presence, and power. Apparently, its formula is enough to land it a number seven spot on the most expensive cars to insure. It beats a slew of luxury cars, and although the Challenger isn’t wildly expensive or exclusive, insurance providers must have a reason for charging so much in annual insurance costs.

The Challenger comes in a variety of trim levels. The base model gets a 3.6-liter V7 engine putting out 305 hp. The next step up from there is the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 that makes 375 hp. The top-of-the-line engine for the standard Challenger is the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 that makes a very strong 485 hp. There’s also the Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707 hp and the Dodge Demon with 840 hp.

It’s unclear if the IIHS included the Hellcat or Demon in the numbers below, but we doubt it. The Hellcat and Demon are in a league of their own. Insurance company Hagerty actually developed its own special Demon policy to insure those cars, as CNET’s Roadshow noted, “the plan probably won’t be cheap. Nor should it [be]… ”

  • Annual Average Insurance Paid: $1,335.79
  • Annual Collision Insurance Paid: $627.90
  • Type: Large coupe
  • Retail Price: $27,295