Honda’s Mean Mower V2 takes on the Goodwood Festival of Speed

It’s back…Meaner, Louder and Faster
It’s back…Meaner, Louder and Faster /

The Honda Mean Mower V2 isn’t your dad’s lawn mower – It’s a 150MPH Monster!

Honda’s Mean Mower V2 recently had a go at the most prestigious hillclimb of them all: the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The annual hillclimb, held within the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England, is host to many of the most celebrated cars ever built.

From $30 million Shelby Daytonas to the latest hypercars, you can always expect to see the most jaw-dropping cars at the Festival of Speed. However, the Mean Mower V2 is quite different than the usual fare at Goodwood.

How did the Mean Mower of all things make it to one of the greatest stages in motorsport?

In 2013, Honda UK set out to build the world’s fastest lawn mower. The Original Mean Mower was capable of reaching over 116 MPH and thoroughly terrifying anyone daring enough to take the helm.

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Now the Mean Mower V2 is back, bigger, better, and above all, faster. Now the “tractor” packs a 999cc engine from the CBR1000RR SP motorcycle. This high strung four-cylinder engine produces upwards of 190HP and redlines at a staggering 13,000 RPM.

Considering the mower only weighs slightly over 300 lbs., Honda’s 150 MPH target top speed sounds very reachable. However, it surely makes for a frightening ride!

The footage of its run up the hill is an absolute sight to behold. Quite intense to hear as well! The whine of straight-cut gears combine with the wail of the GP-spec motor resulting in an aural dream.

If you closed your eyes and someone asked you what was making that beautiful racket, the last thing you would possibly imagine would be a Honda HF2622 Lawn Tractor… On Hoosiers.

Surely, you don’t drive something like the Mean Mower V2… You hold on! I cannot possibly imagine being brave enough to pilot this beast. Professional stunt driver and kart champion Jessica Hawkins is much more suited for the job than myself.