Lamborghini: Aventador replacement will be a hybrid

Courtesy: Carl Court/Getty Images
Courtesy: Carl Court/Getty Images /

Lamborghini is the last automaker that I would have expected to embrace the hybrid wave.  Now, however, it looks like the replacement for the Aventador will be electrified.

Instead of riding the bull, Lamborghini owners will be riding the electric bull. There has been rumors of an electrified supercar from the legendary automaker for quite a while. But now the rumors have been confirmed by the company’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali.

Looks like the next flagship model will be not only a hybrid, but also a V12.  I’m not a huge Lamborghini guy, but I am a V12 guy.  I can deal with the hybrid part. In fact, the hybrid technology will help improve performance.

When it comes to downsizing, Lamborghini continues to be a holdout.

Lately, supercar manufacturers have been switching from V12 and V10 to Turbo and Hybrid V8’s. Meanwhile, Lamborghini held out and stuck with naturally aspirated V10’s and V12’s.

The Italian marque is still holding out in some ways, the car will remain a V12, just with a hybrid assist.  I love this ethos, the company is adamant they are sticking to the supercars and are not backing down.

Profits made from the new hybrid are being used to offset the costs of the new vehicles.  And considering the demand for a new Lamborghini flagship, there is not as much worry when it comes to ensuring profitability. This means Lamborghini will have more revenue to focus on what they do best: Supercars.

This car will be amazing.

With low to no profitability worries, this car will push driving to the extreme both on track and off.  I can’t wait to see it in person or even in photos.  Even from a self described Lamborghini hater, this should be a wild ride.