The 5 best things about the Civic Type R

(Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Number 4: Unique, flashy red interior like no other Civic

In most cars, bright red seats, red accents on the carpet, steering wheel, dash, doors and everywhere else in the interior would look completely insane. This is a Civic Type R, though, and it traditionally looks a little wild. Also, with an exterior so wild, there’s no reason to make the interior conservative.

The cabin of the Civic Type R never lets you forget what you’re driving. There’s a lot of red, and there are Type R badges in various places. If any of your passengers are ever in question of what they’re riding in, they can just look around.

The cabin isn’t just interesting, it’s designed to be comfortable and practical, too. There are four seats, and the rear seat even folds down, opening up the already respectable cargo space back where the unique exhaust runs.