The Top 5 Instagram profiles for car lovers

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Number 4: The SpeedHunters

Looking for an account based on the car modding culture? Look no further than The Speed Hunter’s Instagram account. The publication’s Instagram is full of tuner eye candy of all kinds. If you like customizing cars, this is the account to follow.

One of the best things about The Speed Hunters is that the profile posts a lot of cars in motion. A good shot of a beautiful car in the sunset is certainly beautiful, but sometimes you want to see something doing what it was built to do.

The Speed Hunters aren’t the only ones posting these kinds of images, but the account has some of the most interesting images out there. Another nice thing about the cars showcased is the variety. You don’t see just one kind of car on here. There’s everything from lowriders, to souped-up muscle cars, to neon-light-kitted Japanese tuner cars.