Diesel Brothers: Four reasons to get excited about Season 4!

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Diesel Brothers is back for its fourth season starting tonight, and it’s shaping up to be the wildest season yet!

Season four of Diesel Brothers is the season of BIGGER: bigger builds, the bigger tech, and of course bigger antics. To get you amped for the Diesel Brothers Season 4 premiere on Discovery at 10 PM ET/PT, we’ve decided to give you four reasons this season will be the most thrilling one yet!

The biggest builds yet

Diesel Sellerz
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You thought Truck Norris was awesome? Think bigger. The Mega RamRunner? You’re not thinking big enough! Diesel Dave and Heavy meet an absolute madman who dreams up the world’s most B.A. school bus ever. Featuring absolutely monstrous 66-in. tires and a drivetrain a full four-stories long! It’s safe to say it’s the biggest project the DieselSellerz crew has undertaken to date!