The 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is almost as expensive as a Ford Raptor


The Tundra TRD Pro wants to compete with Ford’s hardcore offroader on performance… and price.

In a somewhat surprising move by the Japanese automaker, Toyota has decided to jack the price of the Tundra TRD Pro up by more than $3,800, according to Cars Direct. That means it’s less than $900 cheaper than Ford’s F-150 Raptor, which most would consider the better vehicle.

The latest version of the Tundra TRD Pro is a beast of a truck. Toyota improved it for the 2019 model year by adding upgrades like a new hood design, new grille, LED headlights and fog lights, and new, lighter 18-inch wheels. Other than that, though, it’s essentially the same truck.

Those are some notable upgrades, but the rest of the truck is unchanged. I wonder if the price hike is too high. Toyota may hurt its chances of selling more of Tundra TRD Pro models for 2019. This trim level is a killer truck, but with a starting price of $51,275, I’d be tempted to look around at comparable options in the market.

The Tundra is old

Tundra TRD Pro
Tundra TRD Pro /

The basic design for the 2019 Toyota Tundra is ancient by automotive standards. You’re looking at a design that came from 2007. That’s 12 long years that have passed. With numerous newer truck options out there, it’s a pretty hard sell for the $51k Tundra.

That said, the model isn’t terrible. It still holds its own in the truck market, which is a major testament to the vehicle’s overall design. The TRD Pro version has been regularly updated, and the 2019 model should be a real thrill.

The model comes with Fox internal bypass tuned by TRD, a 2.5-inch lift over the standard model due to before mentioned shocks, a seriously good 4×4 system, skid plates, and a whole bunch of other off-road-ready equipment. Under the hood lurks Toyota’s 5.7-liter V8 that puts out 381 angry Japanese-engineered ponies.

Is the Tundra good enough for its price?

There’s no denying the TRD Pro is a darn good pickup truck. The vehicle will handle everything most buyers will put it through with aplomb. The question is if the more than $51,000 price tag is too much. It’s important to remember that’s just where the truck starts. With a couple of options or accessories, you’re looking at an even bigger price jump.

I don’t see how a truck with a design that’s been around for a dozen years can constitute that much money. Nissan sells the Frontier and that thing is as old as a dinosaur, but it’s not expensive. I’m not saying Toyota has to sell the Tundra TRD Pro cheaper than chips, but it should at least make it significantly less expensive than the Ford Raptor, which is a much newer design, has more power, and can probably do more stuff off-road.

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It will be interesting to see how this new TRD Pro version of the Tundra fares when it comes to sales. I think anyone who buys one for almost the same price as a Ford Raptor should have their head checked.