Simone Giertz creates a unique Tesla Model 3 pickup truck

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

When you have the power of a Tesla in your hands, some tent to believe they are Elon Musk themselves.

People have been coming up with insane and innovative, custom productions these days. Amazingly, many have even refined some of the manufactures best works into masterpieces.

Tesla has no doubt become a hit in the world and especially in Norway. Recent stats show Tesla’s Model 3 car registrations in the Norwegian country has already passed the 10k mark after four months.

There are even supply and demand problems resulting from the high request in Norway for the Tesla Model 3. From Norway to Sweden, one lady has taken her electric roadrunner and converted it into a one and only Tesla Truckla.

Impatient? Not to worry, just follow Simone Gietz’s way and design your very own Model 3. In her case a Tesla Model 3¹½.

Why not make it yourself?

What started out as a joke, turned into a discussion, then eventually grew into a year-long plan for Simone Giertz and her team of helpful friends. The layout was too big for one technician of her knowledge to take on, forcing her to search for many helping hands.

We all know… Teamwork makes the dream work! Designers, YouTubers and a whole bunch of smart characters working collectively to reach Simona Gietz’s goal of a Tesla pickup, or better known as the Tesla Truckla by the creators themselves.

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Simone Giertz Dubbed it the “Truckla”

Keeping most of the car, Simone and co tried to retain the Tesla look, keeping the car’s original features intact. Hence the fitting name Truckla.

If you were to compare it to anything, it’s certainly something like an old Opel/ Vauxhall Corsa mini pickup and Corsa car. Identical but different.

The selection of the car wasn’t random at all. Different materials are more suitable for a custom builds between Tesla types. The boot was removed changing the design from a five-door electric-powered car to all-new electric-powered pickup.

One of Gietz’s helpers supplied the rear window from an old truck of his own. Parts for the roof rack and other bits were searched for and then fabricated to fit the newly invented buck.

Next. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale. dark

She claims the work is far from complete on this unique baby of hers. All are welcomed to help improve the project. Still unsure whether or not it was a mistake, what’s your take on Simone’s crazy idea to convert a Tesla Model 3 into a Tesla Truckla?

I think it looks better than some of the trucks roaming the streets these days. She has really given Musk and the American car manufacture something to work with for the future of Tesla automobiles division.

Better start supplying more reliable electricity to farmers, Tesla could be in a new market.