bikeBOX24: What’s in the Box – A Bike; A Quad; A Scooter; Any of the Above

The BikeBOX24. A garage that requires little space and offers loads of security and protection. Why has this only been thought of now?

The possibilities of this tecXellent device are endless. How often do you find a suitable product that has unlimited pros with zero to almost no cons? There’s almost never a case of such a God-like piece of equipment.

I could see this anywhere. From the track to the house, this could serve as more than just a garage. Shopping malls could make use of this nifty BikeBOX, even my granny could use it for her little moped. Small, inexpensive, and an improvement in motorcycle vulnerability.

It took a few partners to team up with tecXellent in the production of the BikeBOX and for it to be deemed fit for your everyday problems. They too mention the box is big enough for two bicycles or anything to the size of that could fit inside it. Family first and everybody is invited.

A turn of a key and a lift of the lid. Lightweight materials combined with German engineering and this is the baby of that formula, a portable bike locker room.

List of places this could be used

  • Side of the track in MotoGP
  • FIM Superbike World Championship
  • Home – Yard; Front Yard; inside your apartments garage
  • Work parking lots
  • Shopping Mall parking lots
  • Mechanic workshops
  • Motorcycle sales

Weatherproof and lockable – the secure protection for your valuable motorcycle. The unique design and high functionality offer your motorcycle or e-bike safe protection against weather, vandalism or theft. It was uncompromising quality.

All components are made of high quality materials and exclusively in Germany. (

Next, it should come in car and minivan sizes. Would make it easier and safer to transport cars across the state. Only time to worry if this will be failure in life? Once China gets their hands on the blueprints and design a knockoff version at like $2 per unit.