Smart inventions: The three-wheeler Rev-1 road robot that delivers food

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Today’s smart invention goes to Refraction AI for the mini three-wheeler that will soon cost the “Delivery Guy” his job. A self-driving pod that operates on the road like a bike.

The Rev-1 is yet another example of the world moving at one million miles per hour. Soon we all should be enjoying whatever our hearts desire while robots do all the work, making sure production resumes.

We’d be so lucky!

To be frank, the take over has begun and Refraction AI’s Rev-1 is the first step in getting rid of the “Delivery Guy”. Capable of self-navigation and able to act as a motorcycle on the open road, this little three-wheeler is the first of its kind.

The driverless pod is also said to be one of the largest self-operating robots that will be roaming the streets of the US, and possibly lead to worldwide domination.

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