Motorcycle Mods: Life Made Easier for those with disabilities

Today’s smart invention goes to those who have a hard time being able to help themselves or have trouble making it in everyday life.

Mobility and transport is a major challenge for those physically challenged or disabled. Normally to always needing assistance to travel between places, this modified motorcycle could lead the way forward.

Being unable to walk, run, get to a bus stop is a hassle for most, especially when you can’t do it all by yourself. If you have the funds and a loving family able to support you from day one till the end of time, you damn lucky. This is not the case for most. Sometimes, many who have no funds are the people who often don’t have family support.

How do you improve their lifestyle?

Give them a way to do it by themselves. The improvements in an individual’s life could be endless with such simple words. If they were doing more on their own, something like this could turn their lives around.

If you can’t use your feet, operating it with your hands alone is more than possible. If it were the other way around, simple adjustments and changes and it’s just as easy.

A small platform allows for the driver/rider of the motorcycle to ride straight on and take control of it. A small lid flips up at the back and contributes for more safety when they riding on the road.

A Motorcycle Mod better than most

Who would have thought the most notorious road rider that puts you in a wheelchair or sends you to your grave is the thing offering a more suitable means of transport?

An end to a means becomes a means to an end. How ironic is that? Infrastructures in buildings, public transport, and many other public areas where most cannot get if they are suffering from disabilities, and this could be the start to many changes in all of these grey areas.

It would probably run under the same road rules as mopeds, electric bikes and other small rides that cannot ride on freeways. Which is perfect, if they could get it to be even safer for the operator, it could go as far as the highway.