Lotus Evija: A Deeper Look at the Fastest Production Hypercar with Supercar Blondie

Jim Clark's Lotus race car exhibited at a Racing Car Show, UK, 24th January 1965. (Photo by Ron Gerelli/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Jim Clark's Lotus race car exhibited at a Racing Car Show, UK, 24th January 1965. (Photo by Ron Gerelli/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) /

It was not too long ago when Lotus shocked the automotive industry with the Lotus Evija. It has to be the most insane design I’ve seen come of out nowhere.

Supercar Blondie gets the world’s best spoils again with Lotus and thee futuristic rogue speedster. The 2000 hp all-electric Evija was exposed to the world a month back. Not many details were attached with the intro video.

Thankfully, the time has past and there’s a special car character that’s gotten us a deeper look at some of the specs of the fastest production hypercar ever built by man, but first a short recap of what we already know.

What we learnt at the beginning

The Art of Gears learnt that the name itself is quite enticing and fitting for the Evija. That, and this was the hypercar to get the British Lotus logo back at the summit. And I absolutely think they have done just that.

"The name establishes everything this car is about. The name means “the first in existence” or “the living one”. It is has a carbon fibre cockpit.  A top speed of 200 mph and reaches 0-60 in under 3.3 seconds.There will only be 130 units made of the Lotus Evija at $1.86 million apiece. Surprisingly, this is Lotus first hypercar, as well as Britain’s first fully-electric hypercar.With four electric motors, the Evija has one motor placed on each wheel of the vehicle. Each motor on each wheel producers 500 horsepower. With the four motors acting together the Lotus Evija hits a high 1,972 horsepower. DAMN! (via: Art of Gears)"

So with the bragging rights out the way (specs that no high-end manufacture would leave for the imagination) what are the tricks and traits we learnt from the latest update with Supercar Blondie?

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New Info on the Lotus Evija

Most notably is the unique design of “the first in existence” Lotus. Reaching top speeds of 200 mph and hitting 0-60 mph in under 3.3 seconds doesn’t just come from having four motors fitted on each wheel. No, it comes from precision in design and weight reduction. That and millions of dollars more features to make sure you one happy customer.

Part of this crazy composition is the adjustable wings at the rear. Once switched into track mode, the large wing at the back starts to elevate while the two DSR flaps (Drag Reduction System) at the bottom lift, simultaneously. All to help with the downforce.

Some of the design features

  • Headlights – Or should I say… Warrior appeal! Said to be in the image of a warrior with war paint on his face. Something like NFL and MLB players goes out on the pitch with. Better known it as, eyeblack.
  • Central Control Unit – Honeycomb appears to be the way forward. The thought process behind the design for the centre control unit is simply genius. You have to see it in order to believe it! Let’s just say its like reading in braille.
  • Cameras – No mirrors and only cameras and monitors. Two in the door for your side view. The cameras pop out on the outside and the monitor sits cosily in the doors. The best view and a monitor as clear as a 4000k UHDTV is the screen to check how far you leaving somebody behind.
  • Key – Once in production and being fully electric, the owner should be able to control everything from the key. Doors and all.
  • Jet Vents – Big jet-like vents. With these vents, it looks like you about to teleport to your next destination. The air flows from the side (you can literally see your hand from the backend) straight through to the rear end, creating huge airflow and suction.
  • Charging point – The charging point is located just under the rear wing and above and in between the “jet-like vents”, and just under the prestigious Lotus logo.
  • Battery Pack – The batteries are stacked in series sort of, on top of each other just behind the seats. Allows for the feel of a conventional supercar/hypercar drive. A proper Lotus feel.

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I have to agree with Supercar Blondie on this one. This is the best car to be showcased in 2019. A crazy way to get yourself back to the top and one way to make a statement the future could be owned by Lotus.