The 150 MPH Honda Mean Mower V2 – Thrill Seeking On Another Level

What would you do with a Honda Mean Mower Version Two (V2) that pushes a 150 mph? Drive out all the gas all day, every day! That’s what I what I would do.

Some people are building Power Wheels with 450 CC KTM dirt bike motors and others are modifying Honda Mean Mowers. The achievement with these crazy upgrades, just plain fun. Recently wrote a piece on a racing addict and his want to drive small automobiles with big motors.

The last person took a toddlers toy and transformed into a big boy rocket. This time an everyday lawnmower turned into a mean monster on the grass. It appears amusement parks, rollercoaster rides and going down rapid waters just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The reasoning behind getting one of these is just too funny. I fell over backwards when I first watched the video. So if you can’t get a motorcycle and your chores need to be done. How do you meet your parents’ best wishes and keep up with your life admin?

Apparently, buy a Honda Mean Mower Version Two. It’s so nice they made it twice!

Specs of Honda Mean Mower Version Two

  • Engine – 200 HP CBR1000RR Fireblade SP Superbike Engine
  • Top Speed – 250 MPH
  • 0 to 100 MPH –  6.285 Seconds
  • Transmission – 6-Speed Gearbox
  • Weight – 300 Pounds
  • Damns Given – None

Looks like a lot of fun to be running this little engine that could down the track. Have to ask, why the piece of windscreen? At least tint it. It does look like it’s just there. Funny enough they saved weight in other places.

The machine does what it’s designed for, and that’s cut grass. Each Honda Mean Mower is fitted with carbon fibre blades. Keeping it as lightweight as possible. The chassis, tires and all were specifically made so it can still fulfil its main function.

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As displayed in the tweet above, the Mean Mower is so mean it barely got through all its gear, hitting third gear only on its 1/4 mile run. Japanese for you man! Give them a fish and the will make the best sushi. Give them a lawnmower, and they might just make you a supercar.

The Main Objective

The main aim was to take back their throne for producing the fastest lawnmower. They did just that. Who did they take the throne back from? No one else excepting the V2’s predecessor, who held the record back in 2014 at 116 mph.

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