Formula One: A New Record Set For 2020 With A 22-Race Calendar

The F1 is still spicing things up. A new record set with new contracts in place for two new venues, but still waiting approval.

Good news for the F1 fans as news emerged of two additional tracks to the Formula One campaign. The two new posts are the Netherlands and Vietnam. So Europe and Asia get to enjoy more of the thrilling and fastest four-wheelers.

This will be the first time there will be a 22-race season. The previous high was back in 2016 where they had 21 events in a single season. Everything is said to be in place, the date, the time and the venue. Yet, not everything is cast in iron as they wait on the people at the table to decide their fate in October, according to reports.

Formula 1 bosses have revealed a draft calendar for 2020, with the addition of events in the Netherlands and Vietnam resulting in a record 22 races. There were 21 races in both 2016 and 2018. The calendar still has to approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council in October.

F1 History for the Netherlands and Vietnam

The Dutch are no strangers to the Grand Prix but have been out of the race for 35 years. Three decades and a half and they finally get to reintroduce themselves to the big leagues again with what experts are calling a legendary track, the Zandvoort track.

The other country Vietnam gets its first crack at life in F1. A newcomer and the 34th country to get invited to the race. This should be a damn good event and at the same time, it will please many on its debut.

Vietnam will become the 34th country to host a world championship event on 5 April, with a race staged on a street circuit in the capital city of Hanoi. The Dutch Grand Prix, held at the historic Zandvoort track, will return to the calendar after 35 years on 3 May, in part because of the huge popularity of Dutchman Max Verstappen. (Via:

Said to be placed in the capital city, Hanoi. So foreseeing another track where strategy, timing, and amazing skill to get you that checkered flag. Going to be an interesting one.

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Good News Or Not?

Extremely good news! Too many layoffs or breaks between race weekends. Some of the drivers do better when driving more consecutively. Not one person, crew member, driver, or spectator will complain about the extra two races.

To accompany the terrific news of the extra events the F1 car will also get a facelift and some enhancements for the new season coming.