Formula 1: Mercedes Fans Reaction to Valtteri Bottas News Is Too Funny

It has been confirmed by Mercedes that second driver, Valtteri Bottas will hold his place in the team for 2020. The fans have also had their say on the matter. Funny bunch!

It’s like the transfer market of football as well as dramatic and unforgiving as football. No love lost for Valtteri Bottas from the fans. No love gained at all either.

Some saying the puppet will continue to assist the team leader Lewis Hamilton. Which we all cannot deny is most likely the reason why he the leading formula 1 construction is happy to keep the Finnish driver in the cockpit.

Others have the opinions he just isn’t good enough for the team, and simply should be replaced. Well, they were hoping he’d be replaced before 2020. We all know, young driver Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo are the ones Mercedes should be investing in. Or Ocon, who the people want to see at Mercedes.

If they are to feed off the world champ, Lewis Hamilton, they’d reach the summits of Formula 1 for years to come.

Fans Reaction To Valtteri Bottas News Funny

Of course. Do u think that Hamilton wants Verstappen as his teammate? Of course not. He always wanted weak team mates and the best cars. And there he goes….145 wins, 120 poles, 8 titles.

Another Championship For Hamilton….Bottas is the worst Mercedes Driver..Ever In the history of F1.. Worst.

Surprise, suprise…..not. @LewisHamilton
doesn’t want a top-notch teammate. “Oh look how good I am….!”. Pathetic, that’s what it is.

Hamilton sticking to easy mode. (Via: Twitter)

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There’s a 50/50 Split

Divided they stand over a decision that cannot be changed now. Some happy, others not. Some understand his role while others won’t. They feel Hamilton is reaping the benefits of having a far weaker teammate.

With a better number two to challenge Lewis (with what they feel is the best F1 car at the moment), he won’t be able to just breeze through to a title with the help fo a teammate all the time. It arguably is the best F1 speedster at the moment.