James Bond 007: More Leaked Videos Of Cars On Set of “No Time to Die”

Leaked images are taking a page out of the new James Bond 007 film “No Time to Die”. This time we have a video of a Mercedes GLE and an Aston Martin DB5.

From the offset, it was confirmed while on set during the “Royal Set Visit” that there will be three Aston Martins featuring in the 25th edition of the 007 series. While this was taking place, it was also confirmed Daniel Craig will remain Mr Bond in the expected action-packed franchise movie.

Of all the big talk of all the Aston Martins taking part in the movie the most anticipated is the all-new Aston Martin Valhalla. Aston Martin will be hoping their dark days will be behind them after taking part in the big flick because James Bond should attract so many supercar lovers with the inclusion of this baddie and others.

Then came the showoff pic and tweets. A perfectly captured moment of Daniel Craig and the “Suave Aston Martin V8 Vantage”. Men want to be him and ladies also want to be him (I think that’s how the saying goes).

If you really wanted to explain James Bond and what the series is about to someone who doesn’t know about the movie, this one picture epitomises it to the 007 suit.

The latest leak of all

The video is taking from a building behind the scenes while filming a scene of a car chase. This car chase involves the duo, the Mercedes GLE and the other of the three Aston Martins, the DB5. What would the movie be without wheelspins and car chases that defy science? It would be the Trolls Movie.

I hope it’s not asking for too much, but like two or three unnamed cars must mysteriously appear. They won’t even go off from keeping “No Time to Die” full British. But for now all is looking good and hopefully, this is the Bond film that makes us fall in love with the franchise again.