The Rumoured 350-HP Mazda 4-Door Coupe Is Quite The Looker

To be honest never seen this one coming from Mazda. But hey, the surprise made it even more attractive. The rumoured 350-HP Mazda 4-Door Coupe and what is it about?

A debut for Mazda but of a concept from 2017, and also on the other side of the world from the much-anticipated Frankfurt Motor Show coming soon. This one happening at the year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The first boasting point of it is that the bird-like M badged vehicle will use its new drivetrain system consisting of a rear-wheel drive platform.

It allegedly rides on the brand’s new rear-wheel-drive platform. A road-going version of the Mazda Vision Coupe concept (gallery below) from 2017 will reportedly debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in October, according to Best Car without citing a specific source for the info. Like the show car, the production model will allegedly have four-door coupe styling. Sales won’t start until 2022, though.

What I Like About this Mazda 4-Door Coupe

It’s damn sleek! It has modern features that come second to none and everything from the light design to the front grille looks damn amazing at first glance. It would certainly make me look once, look twice, and then look a third time just to make sure I know why I’m crying so hard like a little girl.

I have to say the long front hood gives it an even better shape than the hot hatch Mazda 3 that has become so popular among the people. The two doesn’t look far off from each other but what has to be said, the sedan just does adapt better to the next-gen front grille. Normally its the other way around and the hatch always wins. But Mazda have done a crazy here and displays just how a sedan can really rock the road.

Rumoured Specs

This model will reportedly bring a four-door, rear-wheel-drive sedan back to the Mazda lineup. It’ll also allegedly use the company’s new 3.0-liter inline-six engine.

The powerplant will make use of the brand’s compression ignition system, and it’ll also have mild-hybrid tech, according to Best Car. The Japanese publication says that Mazda aims for a 345-horsepower (257-kilowatt) output from this powertrain.

According to Chris Bruce, the vision, concept and style derives from the 2015 Mazda RX-Vision. The latter got outstanding reviews at its reveal. This one should be no different.

The Vision Coupe concept four-door took styling cues from the 2015 RX-Vision. Both of them shared long hoods with a cab-rearward stance. They received critical praise for the edgy take on Mazda’s Kodo design language, but the automaker hasn’t yet translated the concepts’ appearance to the road.

Mazda’s look is improving with the years and happy are the days for the Japanese manufactures.