EV Sales Top Manual Transmission Car Sales for First Time Ever


New data from J.D. Power reveals that more people are buying electric vehicles than cars with manual transmissions.

For some people the stick shift is nothing more than a stick in the center console of a car that disallows them from driving that car. It’s a complicated annoyance with an extra pedal. But ask any car nut, lover, or enthusiast about what a manual transmission means and they’ll tell you that it’s so much more.

But the standard transmission is in danger, and it has been for a while. And this new data from J.D. power paints the depressing reality of the manual transmission as only 1.1 percent of buyers are opting for a stick shift, driving.ca reports. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the data report also showed that 1.9 percent of buyers are choosing electric vehicles. Yup, that’s right: EVs account for nearly double the amount manuals that have been sold. The car nut’s worst nightmare has manifested into reality.

In all honesty, it seems like a miracle that brands still manufacture cars with stick shifts if barely a single percent of US buyers are going with a standard car. But maybe that’s the future we’re heading towards as cars like the BMW 3-Series and Corvette are ditching their manual options.

If nothing else, these numbers only further prove to us that times are a-changin’. Whether it’s for the better or worse, well that’s up to you. Is the manual worth saving, or should companies just give up on it already? Let me know below.